January 24-25, 2015 (Saturday & Sunday). The venue will be open all night long, and we welcome participants 18 years of age and above to sleep over.

What if I can’t stay the whole time?
In order to make sure projects get the momentum to develop over just 24 hours, we ask every who registers to be present for both days. If you have limited time that weekend and can’t register, you can come by just to watch the presentations (2PM on Sunday, January 25th).

MIT Media Lab, Cambridge MA, USA

Who can attend?
Science Hack Day is open to the public and we welcome people from diverse backgrounds – science, technology, design and communication, and anyone interested in hacking and making. We are expecting 100 participants, but registration is required.

What should I bring?
Tools for hacking
* A laptop
* Any consumable materials (electronics, fabrics, art supplies) you will need
* Tools, datasets, etc. This is mostly a bring-your-own-tools event, but If you’d like to coordinate with other participants, you can put out a call here.

Personal needs
* All meals are provided (breakfast on Saturday to lunch on Sunday) thanks to our generous sponsors. We hope, but might not be able, to provide options that accommodate a variety of  dietary needs.
* There are water fountains, so please bring a bottle!
* If you’re sleeping over, a sleeping bag or air mattress

Ideas for hacks, if you have them!
* The Hack Ideas page will link to a wiki for developing the later collaboratively before the event.
* A 90 second verbal pitch of one of your ideas. We’ll have a session (after the talks on Saturday morning) when anyone who wants to can grab the mike for a short period to pitch one idea to the group.

What if I don’t know what I want to do yet?
Don’t worry. While it can be fun to start collaborations on the wiki and begin hacking right away, many people spend the first few hours at Science Hack Day is exploring and having conversations with different groups of people. There will be no shortage of ideas!