Thanks to everyone who attended SHDBos2015!

We’d like to thank everyone who came out and all our sponsors for making it an awesome event. You can see a recap on Storify here:

SHDBos2015 – on right now!

Science Hack Day Boston is happening this weekend! Come on out and join us in making cool things with science.

For attendees:

  • Find some inspiration from previous hack ideas here
  • Write current hack ideas here
  • Submit final hack ideas here

vizthink summary and video feeds of Science Hack Day Boston!


What an awesome weekend! Many thanks to everyone who participated – hackers, speakers, judges, sponsors, and observers. A thorough wrap-up will follow soon – for now, take a look at Willow’s amazing vizthink summary, which includes sketches of the demoed hacks!

A video feed of some of the opening talks, our hangout with Science Hack Day Guelph, and hack presentations are also on her YouTube channel!

Register at the door for Science Hack Day Boston!

If you’ve been vacillating on coming, please do! We’re got a huge number of attendees registered, but spots are still available.

Registration starts at 10am in B-100 of the Northwest Building (map below) – we’ll have bagels, coffee, and a chance to mingle and start planning hacks. Then at 11, we have a great lineup of speakers, followed by rapid-fire project pitches. After that, it’s 24 hours of designing, coding, building, and prototyping on projects that involve science. The full schedule is here. To get a feel for what people are talking about doing, check out our wiki for discussing hack ideas!

Instructables contest for DIY lab equipment

Some of the entries to the Build My Lab contest

Some of the entries to the Build My Lab contest

From Instructables and Tekla labs (which “enables scientists to construct their own high quality lab equipment using readily available, off the shelf items”) comes a truly awesome contest that’s perfect for science hackers: Build My Lab.

Tekla Labs has surveyed twenty labs from countries throughout Latin American and Africa to identify the specific equipment needs of researchers around the globe.  We found that over 50% of researchers surveyed are in need of and would be willing to build their own:

microscopes, media rotators, fluorometers, sterilization equipment, spectrophotometers, PCR machines, incubators, water baths, hot plate/magnetic stirrers, pH meters, electrophoresis chambers, sonicators, UV lamps, tissue culture hoods, centrifuges, and ELISA plate readers.

By submitting a design for one of these pieces of equipment to our Instructables competition, you are not only eligible to win one of our grand prizes AND a 3D printer, but also will be providing a real life solution for a researcher in need!

A community of science hackers


The first Science Hack Day was held in London in June of 2010. Since then, dozens have followed, all across the world. In fact, this weekend, there’ll be a Science Hack Day in Guelph as well as Boston. We’re planning to set up a video portal between the two sites!

Yesterday, David Harris launched a beautiful website that will connect people interested in science hacking, citizen science, and changing scientific practices on a grander scale. features forums, news articles, and resources for this community. Check it out!

Hack ideas wiki highlights

Science Hack Day Boston is now less than a week away, and some participants are starting to plan their hacks! There’s over a dozen on the wiki now, including:

Got an idea? You can make an account and add it to the wiki here.